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A Quick Guide to Resisting From Within – For Educators by Peggy Robertson, Co-Founder of United Opt Out National – 10/28/13

Want your kids to opt out of standardized tests? The Constitution may be with you. by Anya Kamenetz _ Washington Post 01/09/15

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2 responses to “Recommended Reading

  • Karen Leaf

    My child failed the FCAT and SaT but overall has passing grades. They offered summer school but he will be out if town most if it. Can I still try to push him forward to 4 th grade ?


    • Opt Out Orlando

      There are alternative tests that can be given – The ITBS (Iowa Test of Basis Skills) and the SAT10, both of which I understand from teachers, is a better test than the FCAT. Our previous school administered it to kids the last week of school and the results were released to the parents quickly. If your child takes it and passes, they should not have to go to summer school. Ask the teacher which test he/she feels would be best suited to your child. Ask for the test to be administered. I don’t know where you are located, but if you can, contact Bob Alexander, whom we affectionately refer to as The Wizard. He can help you prepare your child for the tests.

      Please note: There are districts that have a mandatory summer school provision in their pupil progression plan, if a student is promoted by alternative means. The pupil progression plan is the document that guiding document.

      Please let us know if you need more help.

      Best of luck to you.



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