How To Opt Out – Documents

These are some of our most helpful and informative documents.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • FLDOE NR2 e-mail – Apr 7 2014 – This is an e-mail from the FL DOE confirming NR2 and no effect of NR2 on students and school grades. (uploaded Feb 12 2015)
  • Response to 040413 OCPS Letter to Parent Opt Out – This is an attorney parent’s personal interpretation to a district bully letter, sent to a parent in response to the parent’s opt out letter.This is not to be considered legal advice.  It is meant only to help you understand what a district bully letter looks like and what it really means – and more importantly, what it does NOT mean. It is legalese deconstructed for you.  It should help you to feel more at ease if you receive a bully letter of any kind.

Sample Letters

  • Test Refusal Procedure Letter
  • In WRITING, please… – Response to bullying from school or district – Ask for it in writing, and don’t be afraid to file a complaint.
  • Informing, NOT Asking Permission – If you are told that you cannot pick up your child after refusal….. If you do this on your own and you don’t have a lawyer, do NOT say you have a lawyer. If this happens to you, please contact us ASAP.  We can help.

ALL student progression from one grade to the next is guided by each district’s specific Student Progression Plan. It is not possible for us to post all 67 SPPs here.
Please Google: (District) Student Progression Plan 2014 2015. It may be also listed as Pupil Progression Plan.

Learn more about our cause:

Please join us at Opt Out Orlando on Facebook.  This is where most of our discussion happens, critical support is provided and the latest updates from across the state are shared.  There are many more documents there as well.

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